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THC Wax Arizona

How Is THC Wax Made?

THC wax has many medicinal properties that can treat chronic pain, sleep disorders, and several other medical conditions. Compared to flower which has THC levels of 15-30 percent, concentrated wax can be as potent as ...
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Medical Marijuana Industry Arizona

Arizona Medical Marijuana Industry – A Booming Business

The United States of America has gone from the world's premier deterrent and prosecutor of cannabis use to now leading the forefront of marijuana legalization and decriminalization.  In essence, marijuana is finally leaving the shadows ...
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Image of Kind clear and clear vape.

K.I.N.D. Clear & Clear Vape

In an industry that seems to change almost daily, it is hard to keep up with all the new medicinal cannabis-related developments. One recent development that is more along the lines of comeback is the ...
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medical marijuana in Arizona

What Is the Future of Medical Marijuana

Medical marijuana and the marijuana dispensary industry have been thoroughly disrupted over the last year. With half of the country’s states opting to legalize the plant for medicinal purposes and some approving its use recreationally, ...
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Image of CBD for chronic pain sold at dispensary in Arizona.

What is CBD Oil & How Does it Relieve Chronic Pain?

Cannabidiol oil is a medical marijuana product. Cannabis is an industrial hemp that contains a natural ingredient called cannabidiol (CBD). CBD can be extracted from the hemp. Technically, then, the product is not marijuana. CBD ...
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