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Live Resin

Pure and potent, our Live Resin delivers a rich terpene profile with 70-75%+ THC.  Available in cartridges for vaping or syringes for dabbing. 

Clear Vape

Our delicious flavors of Clear Vape provide 35%+ THC with every puff.  Available in cartridges and slim pens.  


Shatter is one of our most popular solid concentrates, known for its high potency and glass-like consistency. 

K.I.N.D. Clear

This solvent-free extract is ideal for dabbing and yields more 80%+ THC content.  

Full Melt Hash

Produced using cold water extraction, this is known as one of the cleanest and safest forms of hash.  

Wax, Crumble, & Budda

These solid concentrates are great for dabbing and range from 60-80%+ THC content.  

Rick Simpson Oil

Produced using Rick Simpson’s recipe, this product can be administered through inhalation, sublingually, or topically.  

CBD Products

CBD is a powerful cannabinoid, ideal for maximizing therapeutic relief.

Auntie Dolores

Organic gourmet cannabis edibles powered by K.I.N.D. in AZ


Pharmaceutical grade cannabis lozenge placed under the lip for maximum absorption.

Right Patch

Transdermal topical patch formulated for wellness and relief. 

Keef Cola

Delicious Sodas, Boost, and Vita Canna powered by K.I.N.D. Concentrates in AZ

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