Keef Cola

Keef Cola

Keef Soda:

A refreshing way to medicate, Keef Cola’s line of sodas are now available in Arizona in 10mg, 50mg, and 100mg.  Available in 6 delicious flavors: Blue Razz, Bubba Kush Root Beer, Flo Energy, Keef Cola, Orange Kush, Purple Passion.

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Keef Boost drinks offer concentrated THC in compact and convenient packaging– perfect for concentrated shots or as a mixer! Sweetened with Agave Nectar and infused with pure CO2 cannabis extract oil.  Available in 40mg and 80mg: Blue Razz, Flo Energy, High Octane, Lemonade Grenade, Orange Kush, Purple Passion.

Vita Canna:

THC, CBD, and Vitamins are perfectly emulsified in 4 oz containers in varying ratios to meet a wide array of medical needs.

Available in 3 varieties:

  • Strawberry- 10:1 CBD:THC ratio has been show to assist patients with seizures, muscle spasms, and pain.
  • Green Apple- 10:1 THC:CBD ratio is meant for patients looking to stimulate their appetite.
  • Sour Cherry- 1:1 CBD:THC ratio has been shown to assist patients with severe pain and sleep disorders.

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Sparkling Water:

Perfect for summer! Blood Orange and Lemon flavors available in 10mg or 50mg.


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