Trokie Cannabis Lozenges

Trokie Cannabis Lozenges

Trokie Lozenges

Trokie utilizes a patented “buccal” delivery system which allows the active ingredients to be delivered directly to the blood stream via oral tissue bypassing the digestive system. Benefit: consistent dosage and rapid delivery, every time.

Trokie was developed by a doctor of pharmacy who is a staunch supporter of the benefits of cannabis. Applying decades of experience with the highest quality ingredients and a proprietary delivery method, Trokie enables you to medicate at the dosage you need for extended periods.

Available in THC, CBD, and Hybrid options:

THC Only

  • Crisp Mint- 120mg
  • Refreshing Citrus- 120mg

CBD Only

  • Refreshing Citrus- 50mg


  • Refreshing Citrus- 20mg THC : 20mg CBD
  • Refreshing Citrus + Melatonin- 20mg THC : 20mg CBD
  • Refreshing Citrus- 60mg THC : 4mg CBD

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